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Special Rates:

In Response to the Pandemic 

Ph. 470-558-5375   (Request the special rate or sliding fee base on your present financial hardship). 

or…Mention the name of your employer and ask for your company’s discount.


(The Following pay cards apply to varied situations/events.)

Ask for a personalized package.





Grief Support                                         Empowerment                          Soft Skills Enhancement

Coffee & Comfort Mini Workshop              10:45am.      

12 S. Erwin Street       Cartersville, Georgia

This event is a workshop for anyone who wants to become strengthened in

day-to-day life management. Led by Coach Heather B, we will explore

topics relevant to our everyday expectations (for the first part of the

seminar) and then spend the second segment assisting attendees in solving

a recent/present-day situation.

If you want to be empowered in your day to day challenges, join

In the Right Place for this event.



12 S. Erwin Street             Cartersville, Georgia        

Perk up with a cup of coffee

(or chocolate) and

With the inspiring words of

Coach Heather B.

Get your pressing questions answered and issues addressed

in a cozy, inviting setting designed for your comfort and care.

Laugh and enjoy as we all share about day-to day ventures.


[Some topics may be more ideal for an individualized session.]

Contact/call us at 470-588-5375, if you would like to
schedule an individual appointment.


“Focus” Package Special:   Three Sessions @ $177

Focus Options:

Purpose Finding

Image Coaching

Focus/Goal Setting


(…personalized to meet your needs…)